Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A lesson for life

There are only two things that are permenant in life.Are you wondering what??

I had many small friends who broke my heart.
But it was not their fault.

I had a small sparrow
She flew away to the heavenly skies
I waited for many months
But she didnt come back...

I then found Shakti - my namesake !
A Mare , Most beautiful and patient
If not for him I would be scared of Horses .
He was the best buddy I could ever think of
He would put his nose on my cheek
To make me feel better when I am sad
He went to meet god because god loved him so much
I was angry with God ..because I needed him more
God has everything  .Why did he take away my best friend ?
I wanted him back and I did get him ...Quick silver
He ran as fast as the wind .Or may be faster .

Soon after I found another best friend .
Her name was Candy .
The most cute and adamant puppy  in the world.
After two  years she went to Discover other places in the world

Goldy was a survivor . He stayed with us for almost a year.
He was the most funny Fish
Soon he too left ..

But I wasnt sad this time .Because I had taken good care of him when he was alive .

My love for these small friends will last forever.

From all this I learnt there are only two things Permanent in life .

Love  and  Changes .


  1. Oh My goodness.. Shakthi.. that is awesome.. Keep writing. Love it.
    Radhu chithi

  2. Oh very nicely written. Keep writing!

  3. Skathi, you write really well !
    And, I love the title Prance & Giggle. So free spirited.

    It was wonderful reading about a mare, a dog, a goldfish, about changes....and about life.

    I cant wait for your next one.

    Subramaniam Iyer